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Edward W. Bowlin Jr
Edward W. Bowlin III
Edward W. Bowlin IV
(Iraqi Freedom)
(Active duty)
My name is Edward W. Bowlin III (Ed) and I am the creator of the MarineBlues Cover. I am a third generation Parris Island Marine and my son is of course a fourth generation Parris Island Marine. The only draw back is that my father and son were in the 2nd Battalion (bummer), I was in the 1st Battalion.
Three of the most important things in my life happened to me at Parris Island. First, I was notified at boot camp that my first son was born. Second, I graduated as a Marine in March, 1981. Third, My first born son graduated as a Marine in July 2001.
I graduated Marine Corps Boot Camp, 1st Bn, A Co. Plt 1114. I was a grunt (0311) and I received my infantry training at Camp Pendleton, CA. My first duty station was Marine Barracks "Puller Hall" (that's right "Chesty"), Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown, VA. I served there for approximately 19 months. My next and last duty station was BLT Lima Co. 3/1 1st MarDiv, Camp Horno, at Camp Pendleton, CA. for approximately 2 yrs. Served Dec. 1980 - Dec. 1984.

When designing this cap (cover) I did everything I could do to make sure that it would honor the Marine Corps. It took seven months to design and produce the cap the way I wanted it, however, I think the time, trouble, and cost, was worth it.

Semper Fi,

Ed Bowlin

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